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my 2nd cos - RO Magician


Magician glove


my new weapon

RO Swordman's sword

RO Magician's wand

Bleach Kenpachi's katana


naruto clock


Lolita Shoes


-Shoes (I used shoes I found from a thrift store)

-Design Master Colortool Floral Spray* (of desired color)

-Ribbon (in same color)

-Thread (in same color)

-2 sizes of flat lace

-Spray on craft glaze/sealer

-Hot glue

-Sand paper


-Masking tape

-Newspaper or other undesired paper


1. Sand shoes with sand paper to give the paint something to hold on to.

2. Cover all of the parts of the shoes you don't want painted with the masking tape; crumple up the newspaper and put it inside of the shoes.

3. Spray on a couple of layers of paint (giving each layer time to dry) until you get the desired color. Then after letting the paint dry, spray on a layer or so of the craft glaze.

4. Remove and throw away the masking tape. Then hot glue the lace onto the shoes (not all of it!).

5. Make the ribbon into bows and hot glue them on as disired. You could also apply the ribbon onto the back of the shoes so when you put on the shoes the ribbon would criss-cross up your legs.

6. Stitch on the other lace that you didn't use onto the strap of the shoes, or wherever. Tadaa! Your shoes are finished.


Best Mask of The Night

Fin Head Gear from RO


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