ANBU Leggings

3 pairs of socks

fabric scissors

1) take 3 socks and cut the toes off each

2) take 1 of the socks, straighten the edge that goes on top of your foot. then cut out the heel in a triangle.

3) cut a series of triangles on opposite sides of the sock you cut the heel out of. the amount of triangles you cut depends on how big or small your legs are.for bigger/musclyer legs cut fewer triangles, leaving bigger gaps. for smaller/thiner legs you can afford to cut more triangles, leaving smaller gaps.

4) Take one toe-less sock, pull it up to the crook of your knee.

5) Take the second toe-less sock and pull it up so that it overlaps the first

6) Bunch up the sock you cut the triangles out of.

7) Pull it over your foot, leaving 1 of the "wrungs" in the arch of your foot, then spread the rest of the "wrungs" out.

8) Don your ninja sandals.


Scott said...

What type of socks did you use?


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