Cardboard shuriken

-hot glue sticks

-Hotglue gun
-Exacto knife


1. Print out the 2 stars and the circle.
2. Cut out each of the patterns. Make sure to cut out the holes in the center.

3. On a piece of corrugated cardboard, trace 1 of the large, 2 of the small and 1 of the circle
4. Cut out the pieces out of cardboard
5. Glue the pieces together using hotglue

6. Using the hotglue gun, smooth the edge from the circle to the layer below it. Add hotglue around the edges an then smooth it out using the tip of the hot-glue gun
7. Repeat between the smaller shuriken and the larger, using the hotglue to build up the edge so that it flows from one piece to the other
8. Take your glue gun and cover the edges of the shuriken with hotglue, using the glue gun to smooth the edges out.
9. Using an exacto knife, carefully trim the excess hotglue from the edges if there is any.
10. Paint your shuriken and then use a fine tip sharpie to detail.



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