Cat Ear

-Needle and Thread or a sewing machine (if you have one) and if you're bad at threading a
-needle, get a needle threader or have your friends do it for you
-1/2 a yard of polar fleece or any other thick and warm fabric, in any style or color
-1/4 a yard in a lighter color of the same fabric

-Safety pins
-Tape measure


Step 1: Measure your head
Start from the widest part of your head, which is about two inches above your ear. Measure to the nearest 1/8th of an inch. Call that measurement A. Then, measure from the top of your ear to the top of your head. Call that measurement B.

Step 2: Cutting the fabric
Next measure A horizontally, plus and inch on the edge of the fabric. Measure four EQUAL pieces and make them as tall, plus an inch as measurement B. At the base they should be 1/4th of whatever measurement A is. Give them a slight curve at the top. For the hat's rim cut a 2 inch high strip, the same length as measurement A - put that aside for later.

Step 3: Sewing
Now you're going to start sewing. Use whatever stitch you prefer, though the most simple stitch is the fastest and works perfectly. Double up your thread to make it extra stable, or use a sewing machine. Make sure you aren’t sewing on the side you want to show because you'll be turning it inside out after you are done.
Take two leaves and start at the base; sew up to the top and then down the other side. Now do the same with the other leaves.
You should have something that looks a bit like a hat! Turn it inside out so the seams dont show. Now it's time for the rim. Take the strip and place it upside down on the side of the hat 1/2 of an inch from the bottom. Sew all around the base of the hat rim. Then fold it down.

Step 4: Making the ears
Now its finally time for the ears, are you excited? ("yes, yes we are, mistress!") I'm doing cat ears but you can do any type of ear you like. Some suggestions are Arthur, teddy or bunny type ears.
For cat ears, simply cut two large triangles of the darker material and two large triagles of the same material of the lighter material. Sew both sides together, and then turn them inside out.

Step 5: Attaching the ears
Next you need a severed head. Or... er.. someone to volunteer or a wig head. Now position your ears however you like, take care to make them symmetrical and to line up the hat in the way you want it to show. For example, no seams straight down the middle. Pin them in with three safety pins.
Start sewing using a loop stitch. Sew both sides of the fabric onto the hat. If the fabric is good, it should stay up on its own.

And now you're done! You can add ears-flaps if you choose; to do that, simply make large rectangles of fabric, sew them together on three sides, then turn them inside out, and find out where your ears are (Don't Guess!!). The rest is pretty much common sense, right? There you go, you have a nice warm polar hat to wear.



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