Naruto headband

-1 soda can - cleaned and washed out
-black acrylic paint
-6 metal brads
-piece of cloth long enough to go around your head, wide enough to hold the plate and be folded
-over multiple times

-box cutter
-fine tipped paintbrush


Step 1: Cutting the shape
You start with a soda can. Yeah, a soda can. Make sure it's clean and had light colored soda inside. Cut off the top and bottom, then cut it long ways, so that you're able to take it and roll it out into one big strip. Outline the size and shape you want your headband to have on a piece of paper. It helps to have a store bought headband to trace or to find the dimensions on a website. Place it on the strip of metal, and take a box cutter and cut along the lines that you drew on the paper, cutting through the paper, and metal can underneath. Make sure that the shape on the paper is a bit bigger than your headband should be, in case you make mistakes, or need to trim edges.

Step 2: The symbol
So, you have the general shape on the nice shiny metallic back(inside) of the old soda can. Now what about the symbol?... You can actually draw on the metal with pencil, which helps when trying to get the symbol perfect. Once the symbol is drawn to your satisfaction , take the box cutter, and using one bladed edge of the box cutter very slowly and lightly trace the symbol so that you make a gash in the metal, but don't cut all the way through - DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH FOR THE SYMBOL. This takes a while because you're literally scratching away at the metal, you have to keep going over the same part, smoothing it out for visual appeal, but not cutting through. Don't worry, it's worth it later. A
After you have a nicely smoothed out design etched into the metal, take your box cutter again, and do that same slow, tedious etching for the slashing across the symbol. You want it to look like it messed up the symbol a bit, but don't destroy you work!! If you want, you can sketch out the slashing too beforehand. Then get some black acrylic paint, and a really small tipped paint brush, and paint into the indentation you made for the symbol. (All the store-bought headbands have this black paint effect). For the slashing, once etched in, add a tiny bit of paint, so little that it almost blends into the metal. It makes the slashing noticeable, but not stupid looking.

Step 3: The headband
Buy a shiny piece of black cloth, long enough to fit around your head with a bit of excess, and wide enough so that you can fold it over three times equally, and still have your metal piece fit nicely on it with excess on top and bottom (like Naruto headbands look...). Also buy some brass fasteners- if you can find them in metal color, great!! I couldn't, so had to buy brass, and paint them as close as I could to the metal headband color. But they do come in metal.
You've seen how in the upper and lower corners of Naruto headbands, as well as at the center area of each side, there's a little round nail or screw like thing, probably used for attachment, right? Well, draw little circles on your headband in the corners, and far centers, where those round metal pieces should be. Measure for evenness. Then, make small cuts through the metal where you've drawn those circles, these are the holes for the brads, but don't cut into the edge of the metal or your headband wont hold to the cloth and will fall off. Take the bottoms of those metal or brass fasteners, cut them a little shorter, and shove the prongs 1 through each of those 6 cuts you made, so that the round part holds nicely to the front of your headband.
If your cloth is folded into 3 equal parts, so that the part without an edge is facing forward, and the 1st fold is underneath it, the 3rd fold over that one in the back(helps with aesthetics), cut six holes to 2 layers of the cloth, and shove the prongs of the fasteners through or just shove it through the material. Fold them over, and your metal is now attached to the cloth, without glue, and won't come off. The last piece of cloth fold, that you didn't stick them through, is to protect your head in case those metal prongs ram into your skin- ha, now they can't! Sew the 3 pieces of cloth along their entire tops and along their entire bottom, to keep things together- and you can sew at the back edges that will tie around you too if you'd like. I did because I cut that in a triangle sort of shape.


.::[Taco Bell]::. said...

hey, can you post pictures of how this looks like finished? or can you send them to me pleeease!!!


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