Waraji(Shinigani sandals)

-about 70 feet if the rope of your choice

-a board: about 5 or so inches wide x 1.5 times the length of your foot
-6 nails


Step 1: make sure you have your board, nails, and hammer. nail them into the shape as seen in the picture

Step 2: Wrap your rope around the nails as shown, making sure to leave a little bit of extra at the end.

Step 3: Bring in a second piece of rope(this is where most of your rope will be used). lay it next to one of the ends of the rope as shown in the diagram.

Step 4: wrap the second rope around the first, along the side with the extra length of rope

Step 5: Start to weave. make sure to go: Over, Under, Over, Under... and so on.. it'll take you a while..

Step 6: Weave! WEAVE!!!! WEAVE!!!!!!!

Step 7: you can take your "waraji" off your board now.. if you havent already

Step 8: remember how you started this off? well you're pretty much gonna finish it the same way. wrap around and stick the extra inside the wrap you're making now..

Step 9: this is the strap that will hold your foot into the waraji. Get your third length of rope(you can make this thinner if you want), and poke it through the sandle. sorta Looping one of the base pieces

Step 10: twist this rope acouple times,
Step 11: Poke each side of the rope into one of the sides of the waraji.

Step 12: poke each end of the rope through the botom corners. and tie one off

Step 13: Bring the side thats not tied around the back end of the waraji. poking it into the front Looping around and poking through again.



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